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Furniture Voucher Programs


Who Qualifies for Furniture Vouchers?

Most furniture vouchers are issued by local government, social aid organizations and religious charities. Who qualifies varies depending on the proverse circumstances of the applicant. Generally speaking, those with low income, senior citizens and disabled people are eligible for furniture vouchers.


How to Apply for Furniture Vouchers

The application process for furniture voucher programs varies. In most cases, the applicant needs to provide proof of poverty or low-income, such as income statements provided by the IRS, or copies of recent paychecks. Once the applicant is verified as eligible, he or she can receive the voucher and will be on the path to furnishing his or her new home or apartment. The voucher with its set amount can then be used at a designated store.


Popular Places to Get Furniture Vouchers

There are several places to receive furniture vouchers. Low-income housing agencies, state welfare offices, churches and faith-based charities, private charities as well as homeless shelters are typically good places to start. Additionally, websites such as Furniture Bank and Furniture for Families are good resources for furniture vouchers.


Using Your Furniture Voucher

Once you have been issued a furniture voucher, you will need to find a participating retailer in your area that accepts furniture vouchers. You may need to contact several stores to find one that accepts them. Once you have located a retailer, you can use your voucher to purchase furniture for your home. The amount you are allowed to spend will be predetermined by the voucher.


Tips for Shopping with Furniture Vouchers

• Create a budget before you shop. This will help ensure you don’t go over the amount allowed on your voucher.

• Shop around to compare prices.

• Try to reuse or buy used items for your home. This can help you get more for your voucher.

• Make sure you bring all necessary paperwork when you go to the store.

• Be courteous to the store salesman or saleswoman.

• Ask about delivery options.


Neighborhood Furniture Bank Programs

Another option to help furnish your home is to take advantage of local furniture bank programs. These programs take in gently used furniture that is donated to them. The furniture bank then distributes the furniture to people in need, such as those with furniture vouchers. Furniture banks can be a great way to make your furniture voucher go further.


Pros and Cons of Furniture Vouchers


• Furniture vouchers are helpful for low-income households and those with financial difficulty.

• Furniture vouchers can help individuals, seniors, and people with disabilities outfit their homes with furniture.

• Furniture vouchers often can be used at participating furniture stores.


• The amount of the voucher is predetermined and there could be cases where the voucher is insufficient in furnishing a home.

• Participants have a limited ability to choose what types of furniture are purchased given the amount of the voucher.

• Furniture vouchers may not cover the cost of delivery or installation of the furniture.



Furniture vouchers are a great way for people in need to furnish their home. While the amount of the voucher is predetermined, there are other options like local furniture banks to help make the voucher go further. People who qualify for a voucher should take the time to shop around to get the best deal and ensure that they are able to purchase furniture that best fits their needs and their budget.

Places That Help With Furniture Vouchers


What are Furniture Vouchers?

Furniture vouchers are assistance programs designed to help low-income families acquire usable furniture items. The program will typically provide vouchers that recipients can use to purchase furniture either from a store that participates in the community assistance program or a local thrift shop. This type of program is typically administered at the state or local level and can vary from state to state.


Who is Eligible For Furniture Vouchers?

Eligibility for these types of programs vary by state, but typically require those in need to meet certain income requirements. In many cases, these programs will also require applicants to receive welfare or other forms of public assistance. In some cases, there may also be age restrictions, such as only providing assistance to children from households below a certain income level.


Where Can You Find Furniture Voucher Programs?

Many communities offer furniture voucher programs to help low-income families furnish their homes. In some areas, churches and other religious organizations may provide assistance. Additionally, many states and local governments offer furniture vouchers through their department of social services. To find a program near you, you can contact your local social services office or do an online search for “furniture voucher programs” in your area.


How Do You Apply for a Furniture Voucher Program?

The application process for furniture voucher programs varies by state and local program, but typically requires applicants to complete a written application and provide supporting documents, such as proof of income and proof of Monmouth County residence. It is important to note that some programs have strict deadlines, while others will accept applications throughout the year.


What Happens After You Apply for a Furniture Voucher?

Once you have submitted your application and supporting documents, the local social services office or furniture voucher program administrator will review the application and contact you with a decision. If your application is approved, you will be issued a voucher that can be used to purchase furniture from participating stores or thrift shops.



Furniture voucher programs are a great way to help low-income families acquire the furniture they need for their homes. Finding out if you’re eligible for one of these programs, applying for it, and understanding how it works can be a bit confusing, but with the right information and resources, you can get the assistance you need to help furnish your home.

Places That Help With Furniture Vouchers

Furniture vouchers help those who are in need purchase furniture that can help make their homes comfortable. Furniture can be expensive, but there are a variety of places that offer furniture vouchers. The vouchers can help cover the cost of furniture for those who need it and do not have the financial means to purchase it outright.

Furniture Assistance Programs

There are organizations throughout the United States that provide furniture assistance programs. The programs aim to provide access to furniture for individuals and families who are in need. Multiple organizations exist and may provide furniture vouchers, grants, or even discount furniture purchases. Some of these organizations include Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, and Furniture Bank.

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries assists those who may be facing economic issues by providing assistance programs such as employment services, job training, and furniture assistance. This furniture assistance includes furniture vouchers worth up to $100 for qualified individuals. To be eligible for the furniture vouchers program, individuals must demonstrate that they require assistance due to their economic state.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides assistance to individuals through a wide range of services including furniture assistance. This furniture assistance can include furniture vouchers, furniture grants, or even discounts to be used for furniture. To receive assistance, individuals need to contact their local Salvation Army and explain their need for furniture assistance.

Furniture Bank

Furniture Bank provides furniture assistance to those who are need. This can include furniture vouchers which can be used to help purchase furniture, such as couches, beds, and tables. Individuals will generally need to demonstrate that they are in financial need in order to qualify for furniture vouchers from Furniture Bank.


Furniture vouchers can be a great aid to those who require furniture due to economic circumstances. Furniture can be expensive, and vouchers can be used to purchase furniture. There are a variety of places that provide furniture vouchers such as Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, and Furniture Bank. These organizations can also provide grants and discounts to help with furniture purchases.

Places That Help With Furniture Vouchers

Governmental Programs

Local, state, and federal governments have programs that help eligible households receive furniture assistance. Contact your local Department of Social Services to find out what programs are available in your area. The National Furniture Bank Association also helps those in need of furniture assistance. They provide furniture vouchers and other assistance specific to each individual’s needs.

Nonprofit Organizations

The Salvation Army is one of the most prominent nonprofit organizations that provide furniture vouchers. They offer furniture vouchers to individuals and families who meet certain criteria. These criteria could include income, residency, and other factors. They also offer other forms of assistance to those in need, including help with basic necessities and job training. The Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, and other local charities also provide assistance with furniture vouchers.

Churches and Other Community Groups

Churches and other community organizations are often great resources for furniture vouchers. Churches typically have their own programs and funds to help individuals and families in need. They will usually do their best to provide furniture vouchers for those who meet certain criteria.

Local Furniture Stores

Many local furniture stores have their own voucher programs. Call around to local stores to ask about furniture vouchers. Some stores may even provide vouchers to customers who are struggling financially.

Online Resources

There are also a number of online resources that provide furniture vouchers. Sites such as Giving Assistant, Charity Navigator, and GiveLocal allow individuals to search for assistance programs in their area. Additionally, Furniture Bank Association lists furniture vouchers and assistance programs that can provide assistance to those in need.

How to Qualify for Furniture Vouchers

Qualifying for furniture vouchers depends on the particular program. Generally, individuals must demonstrate need based on income, residency requirements, and other criteria. It is important to do research on the specific program in order to understand the qualifications.

Finding Additional Resources

In addition to the resources listed above, social services offices, homeless shelters, and other community resources can provide assistance with furniture vouchers. It is important to keep in mind that these programs vary widely and change from year to year.

Making the Most of Your Furniture Voucher

When you are using a furniture voucher, it is important to make wise choices. Consider the size and quality of the furniture you are buying in addition to the cost. Consider looking for used furniture that is gently worn in order to make the most of the money you have available. Additionally, look for furniture that is easy to maintain and designed to last.

Furniture Assistance in Action

Furniture vouchers help people in need access furniture that would otherwise be out of reach. Many individuals are able to find furniture with little effort through voucher programs. This assistance can be the difference between having a place to call home and being without essential furniture.

Places That Help With Furniture Vouchers



Furniture vouchers are available to people who need help during a difficult time. Vouchers are available through a variety of sources, including charities, non-profits, and government programs, and they can significantly reduce the cost of furnishing a home. This article will review some of the most common sources of furniture vouchers.


Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Many charities and nonprofit organizations provide furniture vouchers to individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness, victims of domestic violence, or those experiencing financial difficulties. Organizations like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and the United Way often have resources and assistance programs available to help people with furniture vouchers.


Government Programs

There are also various government-funded programs that can provide furniture vouchers to those needing assistance. These can include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSDI), and other programs. It’s important to note that the specifics of these programs vary by state, and some require applicants to meet certain income and other eligibility requirements in order to receive furniture vouchers.


Local Community Resources

Individuals may be able to find help with furniture vouchers in their own communities. City and county governments often provide assistance for people who need help with furniture. Additionally, local churches, community organizations, and even businesses may be able to provide vouchers or other forms of assistance.


National Organizations

There are also organizations that operate on a national level and provide assistance with furniture vouchers to those who need help. These can include the National Furniture Bank Association, Furniture Bank of America, and The ReStore.



There are many places that can help with furniture vouchers, from charities and government agencies to local organizations. With a little bit of research, individuals can find the resources they need to get the help they need.

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